The greatest open bar ever. Period.

Taking its cues from the similarly named event in Manhattan, the first-ever LA Cocktail Classic -- courtesy of the guy behind the LA Beerfest -- is a celebration of all things boozy where you'll put on your fancy jeans (sorry, trusty Bugle Boys) and enjoy an open bar with 100++ high-end liquor companies pouring their wares in the Vibiana Cathedral, a historical building likely as damaged in the Northridge Quake as you'll be when you leave this thing

Alkie providers'll be set up in stations throughout the holy grounds, with mixologist comps and themed awesomeness like 200yr-old Scotch distillery Bowmore's single malt and oyster bar, where shucking'll be done by the Oyster Gourmet guy, and sucking'll be done by Matt Barnes you. That's far from all, though: other already-announced splendor includes a ton of lady bartenders mixing vodka in a "Punch-Off", plus a traditional Japanese whiskey bar from Bill Murray's favorite brand, Suntory, which'll be set up like a shoe-less, legitimately Asian antechamber where they'll dole out the brown stuff over ice that's hand-carved, totally explaining why she always looked so good in The Eliminator.

They're also bringing in a ton of crazy drinkologists, including former Edison dude Marcos Tello, and Matt Biancaniello, who's known for the choose-your-own-adventure-style libations he pours at the Roosevelt's Library Bar, where you'll absolutely never hear, "excuse me, is that a book you're reading?"