Tap the bottle. Twist the cap.

8th St Bottle Shop's exactly what it sounds like: the eighth location of a place that sells RC Cola bottles to only really hardcore dudes who're strapped an old-timey, apothecary-esque, bottles-only beer shop w/ 100+ selections carefully curated by the lauded brew-obsessed duo The Beer Chicks, uniquely located within the Golden Gopher, which has a to-go liquor license that dates back to 1903, but won't date before that, as dudes who're over 111 are mad creepy

Beers're almost all small batch/rare, with unusual selections on the shelf now including the dirty-sounding, ultra-hoppy Mikkeller/Brewdog I Hardcore You; the malty-and-oaty Drake's Brewing Expedition ale, and Telegraph Brewing Co's Obscura Arborea, which is a sour brown ale done "Flanders-style" and if you don't know what that is, you don't know diddily...iddily, iddily. Once they're running full tilt, they're planning on having artisanal snacks, as well as occasional specialty keggers, a beer club membership that'll give a heads up when they get ultra-rare bottles, and a night they call "meet the brewer", so get psyched to meet Greg Vaughn!!! Or less spectacularly, BJ Surhoff.

The whole thing starts going down tomorrow as part of the Downtown Craft Beer Crawl, which offers unlimited tastings of over 60 beers at 7 downtown bars, as well as pairings with food from some of the cities best trucks, most of which only feel like they've been around since 1903.