They built a house inside a bar

Opening tomorrow in Hollywood (but tonight for some lucky Thrillist readers, so make sure and read to the bottom of this email), Sassafras is an insanely sweet/crazy bar made that way by the Bigfoot/Thirsty Crow guys, who've erected all sorts of awesome, starting with a Savannah townhouse taken apart piece by piece and then re-built right in the damn center of the place. Other awe-inspiring things of note

  • Since a re-built house isn't enough, they've also got a fusebox that looks like an old-school cartoon-style TNT detonator, and a giant stuffed bear you should look at right now decked with an American flag.
  • Sitting above the main bar is a dry-cleaning rack customized to instead rotate the bar's pre-bottled barrel-aged cocktails, which include Manhattans, Sazeracs, and the rum-based "Club Cocktail", that ironically has a taste that won't hit you over the head.
  • They'll also let you "Build a Buck", w/ your choice of booze and housemade ginger beer, available in classic, strawberry mint, and apple spice.
  • The back bar will feature a wheel for you to spin if you can't decide once they tell you they don't sell Zima. But just know that your randomized tipple could be anywhere from free to double its normal price.
  • Food swings Southern: think jambalaya, Cajun cheese medallions w/ grilled jalapenos, and short-rib sliders marinated in Coke, which may explain why your eyes will get super wide when they bring them out.
  • They've even got a stage featuring acts like the bluegrassy Dustbowl Revival -- a group definitely worth leaving the house for. To go to another one re-built inside a g-damn bar.