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Standard Rooftop Biergarten

Published On 10/12/2011 Published On 10/12/2011
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1. Standard Rooftop Biergarten 550 Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

'Cause waiting in line at their pool bar was already the wurst, The Standard's dropped a zweite bar up there with communal, picnic-style tables underneath a tent overhang, and a menu with taps featuring zee German beers, like Bitburger and Licher Hefeweisen, as well as traditional foodstuffs like spicy pork bratwurst w/ curry & white radish salad, and sauerkraut made w/ Riesling, all of which're acquired via an unusual system that involves trading in tickets -- so maybe it wasn't such a bad idea you forgot to move your car on Tuesday between 10am and noon.