Your favorite new Santa Monica bar. Promise.

Opening beachside on Maria from West Side Story's favorite night of the week (toniiiiight! toniiiight!), The Bungalow's a huge, multi-roomed, indoor-outdoor, surf-themed bar that looks kinda like a pad where Jeff Lebowski would hang if he ever struck it rich and bought a huge, multi-roomed, indoor-outdoor, surf-themed bar, with small-bite food from the Fig dude (Mexican shrimp cocktail!) and drinks like margs using ingredients from the down-the-street farmers market.Since the entire thing's so hugeceptional (that's huge + exceptional!), check the whole shebanger out (from the slick boardroom, to the backyard ping pong nook) in the photo set below, which'll immediately make you want to skip work and go there so everyone'll start calling you The Dude... who skips work and goes there.