Your Memorial Day just got memorable

Because of all the bikinis, and beer pong, you need to head to South this weekend for (surprise!) Bikini Beer Pong

This one-day-only, Thrillist-exclusive Beirut-a-thon's gonna pit 64 two-person teams against each other, with all the tournament beer included in the extra-affordable entry fee, plus, for any bikini-clad ladies, free extracurricular beers -- suck on that, Model UN! Adding to the awesome: a grand prize of $100 in Thrillist Rewards credit to use any damn way you choose, plus, for each team competing, a plate of South's best-selling fried pickles and hush puppies, aka what Southern Cruella de Vil says when she doesn't want to be discovered by her nemeses

Not only is the link below your lone source for tickets, but there're more pics of ladies playing beer pong in bikinis, so click because, again, bikinis, and beer pong

Photo by Tom Schmidt