The Surly Goat guys' new brown booze-ery

Not just what Eeyore wished he was after accidentally seeing Owl naked, The Blind Donkey's also an Old Pasadena whiskey roost from the Surly Goat guys that's part-game room, part-saloon thanks to two-tops that double as chess boards and, you know... all the booze

There's a 60-strong list of browns (aka: all the booze), plus themed flights like a three-Scotch-er of Laphroaig Quarter Cask, Ardbeg Uigeadail, and Lagavulin 16. And, if for some reason you wanna mix your booze with other ingredients, weirdo, there's a classically influenced cocktail list with an Old Fashioned that uses seasonal jam, and a highball of Wild Turkey 101 mellowed with Gala apple cider

They've also got 10 rotating craft beertaps as well as a snacky bar menu, which includes potatoes that've gone through the frier thrice -- complain about their crispiness and chances are good you're the one who's being an ass.