Concept, that is

One of the perks of success is that others start doing work for you, with the other being talking to Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins about his nickname & surprisingly successful pro career. Weirdly opting for the former route, the super-successful barman behind Neat.

Opening Saturday in a spot that used to be so divey Greg Louganis actually lost to it in springboard at the '84 Olympics, Neat's the new bar from a mixology dude who made his name at the Edison and The Spare Room, and's now got the first room he can call his own, a super-spartan space featuring only a 30ft bar and two booths, focused specifically on drinks you mix yourself.

Frighteningly enough, that's not a joke -- he'll let you choose your own booze adventure from 250 spirits (including new-to-California Templeton Rye and vodka from Utah's High West), tell him what you want for mixers ("A Loganberry Clearly Canadian and gummy worms, my good man") and you'll get both in separate glasses, with sodas actually still bottled up, just like your true feelings about your GF's sister...and Loganberry Clearly Canadian.

Ordering's based on your preference of sweet, sour, or soda, with results ranging from ultra-simple combos, to just-slightly-more complex drinks like a Moscow Mule (w/ ginger beer, lime & vodka), to the sugar, agave & fruit you need to make a Margarita, though barkeeps encourage booze-only sips with an emphasis on educating you about the spirits themselves, which you can probably skip, what with all the Goosebumps you've read.

They've also got a rotating four-beer tap (Chimay, Delirium Tremens, etc.), and will begrudgingly occasionally bring in guest bartenders to actually mix drinks themselves, an extra perk you might not have expected, especially considering you'd already gotten all this other bonus info about Kendrick being a practicing Roman Catholic!