White whiskey, made in DTLA for the first time in 90yrs

Fermentin' in a warehouse space in the arts district downtown, Greenbar Collective is the first LA-based distillery since Prohibition, back when men were men and women were also kinda men (have you seen those Prohibition posters??).Making the world's largest selection of organic, artisan, non-ghost spirits, Greenbar's got a portfolio that includes tequila distilled using old-school steaming techniques, and rum that's oxygenated with the same process as California wine. The crown jewel, though, is a white whiskey dubbed Slow Hand, which not only steals Gary Payton's new nickname at the Y, but also ferments a traditional mash (oat, malt, spelt) with ale and champagne yeasts, and then ages it in wooden barrels for just 10mins so that they can legally call it whiskey, instead of moonshine.Greenbar's alchi is available now at some of LA's best bars (Bar 1200 at the Sunset Marquis, River Rock, etc) or for home consumption at liquor depots like Bar Keeper. Oh, and they also open up the distillery once a month for cocktail classes in their small tasting room, which thankfully'll only cost you a single, roaring $20.