Because Zero or Two Eyed Gypsies are mad creepy

Since writing a measly three paragraphs about the new, kind of 30s-carnival-themed bar/performance venue from the woman behind Villains Tavern would be as unsatisfying as the non-director's cut ending of Snorks: The Movie, here's a full rundown of everything you ever need to know:

  • Though thematically similar, each room is decorated in its own style, with unique adornments like hand-drawn wallpaper featuring tiny pictures of Medusa, chandeliers made of Bedouin jewelry imported from Egypt, and a stage with a crescent-shaped Austrian curtain that, thanks to a complex European mechanism potentially made by a wizard, looks like a waterfall when it opens, so obviously it was crafted by with TLC.
  • Scattered around the bar're old-school games the owner's collected, including a Big-style fortune-teller, a love-o-meter, and two skee ball machines that distribute tickets redeemable for drinks & food, imported from Brooklyn, officially making him the busiest Beckham.
  • Because fairs traditionally have the best food, they're got the Brite Spot guy slinging an extensive fried menu (corn dogs, sweet potato tots, funnel cakes, deep-fried Chocodiles, etc.) as well as share-eats like a reuben pizza with sauerkraut, corned beef, and thousand island, also the name of a Temptation Island spinoff with a crap ton more contestants.
  • You can wash down those Chocodiles with drinks like a sloe gin float with cider/sweet & sour, and the vodka/red wine/blood orange/lemon & lime/bitters Riddler's Punch from a dude who's done time at Villains Tavern & 7 Grand.
  • There's never a cover for the entertainment, which'll include up-and-coming indie rock bands (one-off 45s will be specially pressed for the show!) to ukelele players and magicians, about whom writing three paragraphs would be three too many.