The OpenTable of bottle service

Just now launched in LA, Evening Agent's what James Bond starting working as when MI6 cut his day shifts a simple new site that aims to be the OpenTable of bottle service, by allowing users to make reservations/ drink orders at typically hard-to-get-into clubs, without having to bribe like six different dudes named Shawn.

To maintain exclusivity, you've first got to get a membership via your name/ email/ DOB/ and a recommended photo (TIP: use the sexiest one from Trip To Palm Springs With 'Rents album). Once you're in, you can browse by venue/ event, with the site taking a $25 down payment that then gets credited back to you once you actually pay for your bottle -- if this sounds at all complicated, you clearly booze enough to be in their target demo. You can also choose where you sit via interactive floorplans, with already on-board venues including the Hamptons-y Colony, the book-ish Hemingways, and the raunchy Voyeur, which became infamous when over $1000 was expensed there to the Republican Party, so clearly it's notorious for Raising Cain.

Bottles are priced by the clubs nightly depending on supply and demand, w/ the service also planning on launching soon in NY, San Diego, and Vegas, where using it will allow you to really see Pussy Galore.