Six places to get Prohibition-y cocktails for two quarters (plus fun Repeal Day facts!)

Today marks 79 years since Prohibition was, uh, prohibited. To help you celebrate alcohol being totally legal to drink (what now, William H. Anderson), we found six different bars all over the city doing tonight-only 50-cent cocktails (all paired with awesome Repeal Day facts, naturally)

The Bar: Bigfoot West (10939 Venice; West LA)What You're Getting for 50c: Copperhead Road (moonshine, Sherry, lemon, simple syrup, yolk)What You're Gonna Tell The Dude Next To You Who Is Probably A PA At Sony: "Woodrow Wilson actually vetoed the Volstead Act, but Congress passed it through over his head.

The Bar: Oldfield's Liquor Room (10899 Venice; West LA)What You're Getting for 50c: The Colony Cocktail (gin, grapefruit, maraschino liqueur)What You're Gonna Tell The Bartender Who Probably Thinks He's Actually FROM the 1920s Based On Those Suspenders: "Actual speakeasies were also called 'Blind Pigs' or 'Blind Tigers'"

The Bar: The Bigfoot Lodge (3172 Los Feliz Blvd; Los Feliz)What You're Getting For 50c: The Paloma (Avion reposado, grapefruit, lime, bubbles)What You're Gonna Tell The Guy Who Hosts Kamikaze Karaoke: "Bathtub gin was so-called because the preferred bottle was too large to be filled from a sink tap. Also: shut up about the Phish song"

The Bar: La Cuevita (5922 N Figueroa; Highland Park)What You're Getting For 50c: Subversion SVN (rum, Triple Sec, lemon, simple syrup, Estrelas, Absolut)What You're Going To Tell The Lonchera Operator On Your Stumble Home: "To test the quality of Moonshine, you can put a bit of it in a spoon, then set it on fire -- if it's got too much lead in it, it'll turn red and could kill you"

The Bar: The Thirsty Crow (2939 W Sunset; Silverlake)What You're Getting For 50c: The Repeal Day Cocktail (Dewar's, ginger beer, bitters, twist)What You're Gonna Tell The Dude Who's Playing The Satellite Later Tonight: "Massachusetts actually had its own form of Prohibition nearly 200yrs before it was ratified in all the states"

The Bar: Sassafras (1233 Vine St; Hollywood)What You're Getting for 50c: Templeton Adderly (rye, maraschino, lemon, orange bitters)What You're Gonna Tell The Girl In The Shiny Dress Who Keeps Looking Over Your Shoulder For Someone More Important: "The REAL 'Real McCoy' was a rumrunner notorious for the purity of his booze."