You're probably going to want to watch this video

Seeing how this is the only time of year when you can open your mail and see a $100 bill drop out (you're the man, um, Aunt Louise!), don't be an idiot and invest it in something risky like a five year CD, and instead blow it on Red O's just-dropped, totally ridiculous $100 margarita. The drink of the 1%'s got three full shots of ultra-high-end tequila, a heap of Grand Marnier, rich people ice cubes made out of bald eagle tears homemade sorbet, and a topping of Louis XII and Cognac "caviar", which sounds fishy, but isn't, because, again, it's made of Cognac. And to see whether it's worth all those rolls of quarters, Thrillist Video explored more local ways that you could drop a Benjamin, other than kicking it in the stomach while it's singing the acoustic version of "Brick".