This cocktail bar only has one menu item, and it's a steak

From a team that includes a bunch of the same dudes behind Surly Goat, The Phoenix is a new bar and hyper-focused steakhouse that looks like what'd happen if you took Hershel's barn from The Walking Dead, disposed of all the zombie corpses, antiqued up the wood, and installed two bars, two shuffleboard tables, and a pool table!Because according to a recent study conducted by the Institute of Totally Convenient Statistics, 100% of people think alcohol is "really, really great", the barmen'll be pouring a lot of it, from an eight-draft craft beer list to eight well-boozed classic tipples, including a Bulleit Rye Old Fashioned, a Buffalo Trace Boulevardier, and a Black Label Blood And Sand. Food-wise, you better like steak, 'cause that's all they've got -- seriously, the only thing on the entire food menu is a grass-fed skirt steak, and it comes with either a salad or Belgian-style frites, so... enjoy those frites! Or don't enjoy that salad.In addition to the game room with shuffleboard & pool, they've also got a stage that's going to be used for both open mics and karaoke -- so don't be surprised if someone starts singing... "Let It (Zom)Be"?