Food & Drink

Read this. The fate of <strike>the world</strike> your 2012 LABW depends on it.

If there's one week you totally look forward to every year, it's Shark Week. If there's another, it's World Breastfeeding Week (Aug 1st-7th!!). But dude, if there's a third, it's LA Beer Week, which's FINALLY here, along with 7 days 10 days' worth of a bazillion events in a bazillion places with a bazillion types of totally alcoholic beers. And because a bazillion is a lot of events to attend, just go to these three

Beauty of the Barrel: Set for Sun at the Victorian, this barrel-palooza features 10 breweries (Drake's, Bruery, Eagle Rock, etc.) doling out tastes of rare/hard-to-find cask-aged beer and all-you-can-drink "core brewery product" (aka "more beer!"), plus beer cocktails mixed w/ premium spirits like Bols Genever and Buffalo Trace.Tickets are going fast, so get 'em right now, right here

Dogfish Head Ancient Ales Dinner:The Oinkster dude's doing a five-courser of mostly liquor-infused goodness (sous vide pork loin w/ apple port marmalade, beer-poached monkfish, etc.) paired with five different beers that each use crazy-old brewing techniques, e.g., one made with a 9000yr-old ingredient list found in a Chinese tomb, a chocolatey number that incorporates a chemical analysis of Honduran antique pots, and the mead-like Midas Touch, whose taste never gets tired.It's on the 24th, and if you want to know more, you'll click right here

Musical Beer Crawl: You're gonna need to download a free pass for this cochlea-crushing event, which finds live-music-equipped venues and bars throughout Echo Park offering hook-ups ranging from 25% off Guinness chili at Masa, to Golden Road-infused cold treats at Pazzo Gelato, to 2-for-1 pizzas and blues-rock at Two Boots -- probably the breast offering of the bunch.See the full hook-up list and download your "passport" gratis right here