Read this. The fate of the world your 2012 LABW depends on it.

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Read this. The fate of the world your 2012 LABW depends on it.
Read this. The fate of the world your 2012 LABW depends on it.


If there's one week you totally look forward to every year, it's Shark Week. If there's another, it's World Breastfeeding Week (Aug 1st-7th!!). But dude, if there's a third, it's LA Beer Week, which's FINALLY here, along with 7 days 10 days' worth of a bazillion events in a bazillion places with a bazillion types of totally alcoholic beers. And because a bazillion is a lot of events to attend, just go to these three

Beauty of the Barrel: Set for Sun at the Victorian, this barrel-palooza features 10 breweries (Drake's, Bruery, Eagle Rock, etc.) doling out tastes of rare/hard-to-find cask-aged beer and all-you-can-drink "core brewery product" (aka "more beer!"), plus beer cocktails mixed w/ premium spirits like Bols Genever and Buffalo Trace. Tickets are going fast, so get 'em right now, right here
Dogfish Head Ancient Ales Dinner: The Oinkster dude's doing a five-courser of mostly liquor-infused goodness (sous vide pork loin w/ apple port marmalade, beer-poached monkfish, etc.) paired with five different beers that each use crazy-old brewing techniques, e.g., one made with a 9000yr-old ingredient list found in a Chinese tomb, a chocolatey number that incorporates a chemical analysis of Honduran antique pots, and the mead-like Midas Touch, whose taste never gets tired. It's on the 24th, and if you want to know more, you'll click right here
Musical Beer Crawl: You're gonna need to download a free pass for this cochlea-crushing event, which finds live-music-equipped venues and bars throughout Echo Park offering hook-ups ranging from 25% off Guinness chili at Masa, to Golden Road-infused cold treats at Pazzo Gelato, to 2-for-1 pizzas and blues-rock at Two Boots -- probably the breast offering of the bunch. See the full hook-up list and download your "passport" gratis right here

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