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Wine and records in Lower Haight

Music and booze have always gone hand and hand, whether it's a jukebox next to the bar, a live band in the back of the bar, or Steven Tyler under a bar, in the '70s, Cryin'. Offering up a unique combination of the two that doesn't have incredibly large mouth, Vinyl

Run by two bro-mmeliers (including one who used to pick vinos for Michael Mina), Vinyl's a just-minted Lower Haight wine bar that'll pop-up inside Cafe Divis nightly, transforming the space with a track system of black curtains that they'll pull over the street-facing floor-to-ceiling windows (and push back during coffee bar hours), an uber-local vino selection, and an unpretentious patron-run record player, which Michael Imperioli will inexplicably attempt to knock off the table with his legs. The vino list'll include 13 varieties from urban SF wineries by the glass (five red, five white, three sparkling), and 50 by the bottle (pulled largely from Saison wine director/Vinyl co-owner Mark Bright's personal cellar), plus they'll do a dozen bottled/canned beers like a 750ml cork-top from Telegraph Brewing Co. and 21st Amendment's Back in Black, which'll shake you allllllll niiiiiiiight long, if you haven't had a lot to eat. As for the actual vinyl -- all of the coasters used'll be made with real record album art, they'll have decorative cork-filled bowls fashioned out of old 12" LPs, and they'll rock out with thousands of vintage records that'll accompany the player on a mobile cart and be left for you to spin at your leisure, but not at your Leisure Suit Larry unless, of course, "Ken sent you"

Next week they'll also kick off a month-long event series that'll include a weekly 'za night from Casey's Pizza, a late-ish 5:30-7pm Happy Hour, and DIY wine blending where you'll get 150ml to play with -- just go easy on sampling, or you'll start to question whether dudes look like ladies, and vice versa.