The LA club nestles itself into the American Airlines Arena

LA superclub Hyde just set up shop in the AA Arena with tons of TVs showing the game, metallic naked women mannequins, and leather couches, which you can now hang out on as Jesus Shuttlesworth rises... considerably less high into the air than he used to, while knocking down threes for the defending champs

Nestled under the bleachers, you can access the club two ways (after calling ahead to make a reservation with your tickets) -- either through the parking garage or by heading down to an entrance that almost seems like you're walking into the tunnel to the locker room, but is not in fact the tunnel in the locker room, because you're not famous assistant coach Chad Kammerer. Once inside, you'll be yelled at for trying to sneak into the locker room with your surprisingly realistic Chad Kammerer mask on, then cope with that rejection via bottle service, buckets of brews, or cocktails like the Air Mail (rum, housemade clover honey syrup, "black label" Champagne)

You can also get Japanese plates including rock shrimp tempura, a citrus ponzu-covered Wagyu steak, and baked scallops in a dynamite sauce for the White Hot, also the nickname of that sadly departed stallion Chris Quinn.