Food & Drink

A cocktail bar in The Well where <em>you</em> make the drinks

Apparently taking a break from his life of toil in Colonial Williamsburg, The Blacksmith is now also a unique pop-up bar hatched by The Dining Room crew, who'll be taking over The Well's rustic, three-room space every Friday to make you cocktails, and even better, let you make your own cocktails, before you realize you don't make very good cocktails, and you go back to letting them make you cocktails

Option 1 to help you channel your inner current-day Brian Flanagan (who would now have a curly mustache and date way more angsty chicks than Elizabeth Shue): buy a bottle of your favorite base booze, and they'll roll out a cart with suitable mixing hooches and a nice lineup of ingredients (sugarcane spears, mint, bitters, fresh fruit), plus all the tools and a barkeep to guide you. Alternately, you can pick a cocktail and mixmaster Chris Hudnall (Soho House) and his crew will be happy to make it tableside (and even customize it to your specific tastes), whether it's the cactus Cooler w/ Mitcher's, Cactus wine, maple syrup, lemon & orange bitters, or the pisco/ Mandarine Napoleon/ sweet cream/ egg yolk/ champagne/ nutmeg Blacksmith Flip, also an HGTV show about buying, fixing up, and re-selling blacksmiths for incredible profit

To keep you muddling strong, The Dining Room's Chef Horacio Rivadero will be working up small plates like filet mignon skewers w/ red beet chimichurri, Florida Gulf shrimp ceviche, and a ground mustard-slathered chorizo corndog, which is awesome, because you're definitely not good at making corndogs