Find it, and ye shall be rewarded with <em>Galaga</em>

From a posse of local nightlife vets who wanted to prove that even a hole-in-the-wall can lead you to glory, double-decker Foxhole is accessed by an awesomely shady, unmarked alleyway entrance between West Ave and Alton identifiable only by a tiny lamp above the oversized door, which leads you into a game room with flatscreens, darts, Miss Pac-Man, Buck Hunter, and Galaga, as well as the main quarters that feature wall-lining booths and an expansive cube bar, which Ice lowered a looong time ago.

Upstairs gets another, way-scaled-down bar, plus a prime people-watching corner overlooking the game room, and a massive wall of (thankfully under-glass) vintage guns including AKs, bazookas, a derringer pistol, John Wayne's initialed rifle, a .357 actually used in Dirty Harry, plus a huge Tommy gun, which should keep Pam Anderson coming back for more.

An in-the-works cocktail menu'll drop in the coming weeks, but meanwhile they're covering the full fermented spectrum via an expansive booze bar, 30 bottled brews, plus a lineup of mini-drinks that're "larger than a shot, smaller than a cocktail". They'll even set up bottle service upon request, but're firmly committed to sticking with their "'no VIP" policy...ooh, sorry Pam! Just when you thought you'd escaped that show!

Because weird people like music not played by Semisonic, they'll be rotating in DJs but'll mostly let you control it all through their super high-tech juke box that pulls "literally any song" from the Information Supernets until closing time, when hopefully you don’t have to pay the Check Yoself.