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The Mid-beach bar gets a permanent home, brings bocce

After four months of pouring deliciously inventive cocktails from an unpretentious beach spot, The Broken Shaker shut its doors, and Miamians filled their $16 vodka sodas with tears. But wait! Turns out it was just so they could overhaul the backyard space into a beautiful oasis of booze, games, poolside lounging, and games. And booze. Move No. 1: grab a cocktail, like the vodka-based Florida Back Alley w/ homemade bitters, local tangerines, rosemary & thyme (sing it, Simon!). Then head out and plop down on cushy lounges surrounding the pool, which's also ringed by a wall tagged up by a bunch of badass street punks who're really into the word "love".One of these robots is Hugh Jackman. They also have Jenga.They've got two ping-pong tables, and balls that aren't mini-oranges.Bocce ball court, complete with heckler chairs.This hammock was purchased in the hammock district. There is unfortunately no Banyan tree district.Their hand-built garden grows everything from edible flowers, lemongrass, and lavender, to chocolate mint, rosemary, and thyme, all of which're used in food and drinks like...… the Agave Fairy: tequila, homemade pineapple & papaya vinegar, and pickled radish.They'll be doing seasonal spins on the Old Fashioned, including this one made with a roasted pumpkin spice puree & toasted pecan bitters.The full menu's still in the works, but for now there're snacks like sesame candy, house-made pickles, and seaweed & anchovies baked with nuts, which you'd have to be to go back to vodka sodas -- or maybe even vodka sodas with a lime -- after drinking here.