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Six months of pop-up cocktails from the Bar Lab crew

Because when life hands you a lemon, you should really make something way more alcoholic than lemonade, there’s The Broken Shaker: the city's first-ever pop-up bar from the insanely crafty cocktail-ing duo at Bar Lab and Ace Hotel-owning Sydell Group, who've totally transformed a former "sorta broken"-looking Indian Creek Hotel spot, in which they found an actual broken shaker on the ground, so here’s to hoping their next prospective joint has like, a spaceship with laser-equipped dinosaurs on the floor.The result: a sultry New Orleans bordello-meets-mad scientist lab with walls covered in red cloth and caged shelves (stocked with their potions, antique radios, and vintage shakers picked up over a decade of cross-country surfing trips), which rolls into an al fresco tropical area packed with '70s-era couches and an herb-lined tiki bar, which explains why those masks' eyes are so squinty.Pretty much everything outside of booze (right down to the ice) is housemade, including ginger beer, tonic, and 15 original bitters, which’re leveraged for weekly rotating cocktails like the Raisin Old Fashioned w/ bourbon and golden raisin-infused Mandarine Napoleon, the Agave Garden w/ seaweed-spiked tequila, and one with aged rum that's been jacked up w/ Lebanese coffee and Mexican hibiscus, called The Blossom, which you’ll want Six of. Whoaa!!If, like Joey Lawrence, you can only say catchphrases and therefore can’t order things, you can go with the Bartender's Choice, and then have your sister who loves hats request small plates like artisanal empanadas stuffed w/ sweet plantains & pork, chicken sugarcane skewers, and raw nori rolls, because when life hands you any of the previously listed foods, you should eat them.