Craft brews, grilled steaks & live music every damn day

Pretty much the best house party since Kid 'n Play got braids, Lagniappe is a NOLA-style music venue-meets-bar-meets-market hatched by David Tunnel (Metro Organic Bistro, Dogma) that took over a former home (visiting musicians can stay in apartments upstairs), and decked out the interior with vintage couches and a grand piano, and the massive backyard with patio furniture and a stage for folk, jazz, blues, and bluegrass

Want some cheese? Of course you do, that was a silly question. So literally go to the fridge yourself and pick from a slew of imports and Italian cured meats, then take 'em home or get the spread on a cutting board with toasted bread points drizzled in olive oil. Want some chimichurri-covered churrasco? Of course! That was yet another silly question! Point is, just head out back to get that or skirt steak kabobs and jerk chicken

As for booze, hit the shelf or fridge (gently, as fridges are hard) and grab 200+ French vinos (they're retail price and there's no corkage), plus 50 brews like Duvel, Lagunitas IPA, and Monk in the Trunk, which you should house, while partying.