All-star drinks & eats

The baby of an all-star team Gaby Sanchez wasn’t defaulted onto, Ricochet’s the debut bar from famed 305ers Alan Roth and Tommy Pooch, officially opening today, pending permitting, in a contemporary saloon lined with Missouri-imported reclaimed wood walls, industrial stools/tables, and a miniature-gold-lamp-lined bar that's illuminated in a sexy purple glow, like Barney after he hangs out with his Protoceratops friend, B.J.

The Drinks: In addition to bottle service, they're packin' a heady cocktail lineup including the spiced-up Hells Bells (Reposado/ passion puree/ red bell pepper/ Agave/ Sriracha), the vodka/ ginger beer/ lime Fire Down Below, and coffee-infused concoctions like the Grand Marnier/double shot of Illy espresso/ cinnamon syrup/ cream Clockwork Orange, enough of which will have you speaking a language no one will understand.

The Eats: The duo's also called in Kris Wessel (The Red Light), whose "Light Bites" menu'll drop Nov 10th and range from pasilla chile/ lime/ roasted corn ceviche and a bacon & fontina grilled cheese, to a "Six Inch" Twinkie, and a pork/ chicken/ beef Miami Empanada Box, which should get along with that Twinkie just fine, unless it's a size queen.

Entertainment's spanning from a board game menu (Pictionary!), to a tech-savvy iTunes jukebox (seven million songs!), to a stage that'll host local bands every week and an in-the-works jazz night, where just like Barney’s friend, they’ll blow, blow, blow.