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He's there in spirits

Equipped to end even the greatest of depressions: FDR, the Delano’s fittingly named rethinking of the former Florida Room, which replaces the underground blues joint feel with two separate lounge rooms (one with padded, quilted black leather walls that would be in a really trendy insane asylum, the other with shimmering gold/amber ones), crushed velvet seating, and deep purple lighting, which you should just Hush up and enjoy. Their cocktail menu's staying theme-correct with concoctions like the Bulleit/ peach/ ginger beer New Deal, the eponymous FDR (Appleton rum, St. Germain, lime, brown sugar), the Eleanor (gin, muddled strawberries, lemon), and the vodka/Prosecco-heavy Lucy, named after FDR's longtime mistress, which he presumably bedded in Liu of his wife.Because this is Miami and all, full bottle service will be readily available, and tunes'll be pumped by both "big name" DJs and local up-and-coming artists, although things are kicking off with Mos Def tonight, so there'll probably be more than a few people having a smoke on the water before heading on in.

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