Come for the old-school couches, stay for the animal heads

After a local entrepreneur's 10-month stint in Madrid made him realize the 305 needed more hassle-free haunts that're easy to just "pop into for drinks", he returned home, eventually shook the nagging lisp he picked up over there, and started on Wood Tavern, a true neighborhood joint now officially open for Basel mayhem.

They're still putting some work in on a to-come beer garden, so for now head inside to feel like you're in your grandma's attic, if your grandma is Ted Nugent, thanks to plaid-wallpapered, brick, and exposed wood walls; a taxidermied buffalo head; '70s couches; posters of James Dean, Johnny Cash, and Run-DMC; a doorway plastered with liquor, beer, and wine labels from the '30s, '40s, and '50s; plus, in lieu of moth balls, butterfly nuts fragrant fumes of real wood being pumped in.

Aside from suds like Monk in the Trunk, Holy Mackerel, and Smuttynose Old Brown Dog, they'll be more than happy to fill you with a cocktail lineup ranging from the "Ol Skool" picks (a Dewar’s-heavy Rob Roy), to "Lil bit of everything" guys like The King (sweet tea vodka and lemonade), Baby Guinness shots, and the Moonshine/ blackberry/ grenadine Shine Punch, also what their lead singer receives every time Collective Soul sings that song.

For tunes, they've got tons of Collective Soul a jukebox pumping nothing but good old-fashioned rock, and soon they'll be getting all super future-y with a "virtual table" system that'll let waitresses track you down, then take and deliver drink orders all by using a series of numbers lining the floor, which people in Spain call "thsoooo thsweeet".