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A beer & art of the month club

Art and beer: despite one producing "The Thinker" and the other destroying all thought, they actually go together quite nicely. Which is exactly why you should check out Blacklist Brewing, a just-launching, rogue suds project that'll net members curated artwork and hand-crafted beer from a brewer/ cicerone duo every month.

Plans offer varying levels of commitment (half-year, whole year, etc) and bonuses, but basically, every 30 days you'll be mailed a "creatively designed" 750ml bottle of homebrew and a work of local artistry

Da Beers: The first year's schedule is loaded with technique-heavy small batches that can't be purchased anywhere else. April's got a 9% ABV Red Grape Strong Belgian brewed with actual grapes and aged in red wine barrels, May a mega-tangy Honeysuckle Lambic with "wild" yeast, and for December, a Belgian Quint: their take on a tripel, which clocks in at an astounding 15%, and ensures you'll clock out in an astounding 15min

The Art: Not that you'll really notice after a 15% ABV large format beer, but the art accompanying your brew will be anything from a Minnesotan musician's album, to a Sconnie-made painting, to something even stranger from a local yogi, so maybe sit down, put your head on your hand, and think about what that could be for a while.