A roof fit for a pig

In Minnesota, there are two ways to take advantage of rooftop bars: a) find one that's somehow climate-controlled, or b) stay up there past November, become cryogenically frozen, thaw in the Spring. But the problem with that is you'll miss new Guys with Kids, so maybe just go with plan A and hit Union, armed with a four-season retractable roof

Under that, the CRAVE gang's built out two stories of chef-driven fun in the former Shinder's building, now rocking Edison bulbs and a general, Victorian chic warehouse vibe. Designed by a former Il Gatto's honcho, the menu is deliciously creative: donut holes with shallots & bacon, chicken liver parfait with maple/ brioche/ acorn squash brulee, and entrees like duck roasted in "savory porridge", though it sounds like the only thing that's "too hot" is this menu!!! Bar-side there's a Johnny Michaels-curated cocktail list including the "Ms. MN" (preserved lemon gin, vanilla and black cardamon "flavors", plus an egg white olive oil emulsion) and the "Oh Si, Mas!!" (ancho-infused Reposado, mesquite-smoked plum lime sour), as well as craft hops like Steel Toe Golden Ale and and Finnegan's Amber, ironically likely to ensure you're not a Wake

Oh right, and there's whole-roasted suckling pig complete with cornbread, pepper jelly, molasses cream, and cracklin' skin, which you can now finally get without having to endure the psychological horrors brought on by cold-induced cryo-stasis!