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Because Liquor Barn is for animals

All those stop lights on Hiawatha can drive a man to drink... literally, cause that's where South Mpls's new craft liquor store Elevated Beer + Wine + Spirits is. Dedicated to "the core principals of atmosphere, selection, and expertise" -- and, you know, booze -- it's got a dedicated, full-time tasting room, plus serious selections of:Beers: Hit the walk-in "beer cave" for cases of major labels and crafty twelves, or stand outside of it and build your own craft sixers, choose from around 500 special order kegs, or grab limited-time big bottles like coveted 750mls of Fulton's Libertine -- drinking enough of which will also give you death.Vino: Bottles range from $70 to $7, so you're set for a date with everyone from Jessica Alba to Jessica Lange. Their sommelier's from Portland, so things skew Northwest, and there's a pinotage available called "The Grinder", also recommended for dates with Jessica Lange.Spirits: They've got it all, but particular care's taken in the curation of selections of North American whiskeys, so go ahead and stock up on your Blanton's Single Barrel, Booker's, and, soon, Buffalo Trace, which is also how people had to navigate before roads and stop lights, so stop complaining.