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The sneaky new way to get inside our most epic brewery

Previously, the only way to find yourself in Summit's "Ratskeller" was at the end of a brewery tour, getting slots for which was, ironically, more difficult than ascending most major summits. But no longer, as they've repurposed said Ratskeller as a vastly less-Teutonically-named tap room where admission works just like any other bar. Some foamy facts about the room:

  • Ok, technically, it's only open Fridays from 3-8p. But the fact remains, you can just walk in.
  • You'll be able to get any of Summit’s current roster for $4/ pint, or in $7/ frat-paddled flights.
  • Each week they'll have some swell cask-conditioned and specialty beers -- like a half-barrel of their super-top-secret WW1 stout (available tomorrow) -- crafted in the brewery’s "pilot system", which, unlike flight school, is actually full of washouts.
  • They've extended seating on their Mississippi bluff-facing patio, and they'll have one or two food trucks out there each week, with semi-regulars to include Natedogs, Barrio, and Stanley's NE Bar Room.
  • There will be music, most likely from a... something called Hotpants DJs, named for shorts that're equally hard to get into.