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Boxing and booze on MSP's best rooftop

Brit's Pub is hosting the biggest fight in such an establishment since the last time Arsenal played Man U and some guy called some other guy a "bellend" (definition here, gross). Totally free, they'll host eight Golden Gloves-sanctioned fights (put on by Uppercut Boxing Gym) in a regulation ring erected on their beautifully manicured rooftop, normally reserved for the far more vicious sport of lawn bowling.The carnage starts at 3p, and there'll of course be booze specials aplenty. More importantly though, we've taken the liberty of creating a Boxing Bingo Board, accessed right here, that'll randomly switch squares every time you refresh, so you can print out different copies for your friends. With squares for everything from "Win celebrated by climbing on ropes" to "You feel uncomfortable watching women box", it'll ensure everyone's having too much fun to insult each other with bellend-like low blows, which, by the way, is also a square.