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Small town brewery does good

Confused about where Third Street Brewing is located? Then you either A) don't have a workable knowledge of the layout of beautiful Cold Spring, or B) just drank too much of their delicious beer and are all disoriented

An offshoot of Cold Spring Brewing, the just-open, firkin-slinging, all-brick Third Street makes up for being an hour outside the Cities with suds crafted by a former Summit brewmaster, which're also now available in better stores near you, and include

Lost Trout Brown Ale: This versatile 4.8%er (it's said to pair well with assorted meats and fish) is named after the deep lament of MLB teams that passed on Mike in the '09 draft a now-barren creek near the brewery that used to be loaded with 'em

Rise To The Top Cream Ale: A full-flavored brew that pairs well with lighter food and "smooth cheeses", this frothy-topped joint's colored like "pale straw", or what Scarecrow gets during the winter, because without brains he's not smart enough to visit Planet Beach

Bitter Neighbor Black IPA: They reckon their highest-ABV brew (6.5%) gels with spicy and smoked foods, and insist that it "won't leave a bad taste in your mouth", unlike those smug Cold Spring city planners and their ostentatiously sensible grid system.