Food & Drink

Union's scene-y underbelly

The ostensibly independent third prong of the monster that is Union, speakeasy-esque, subterranean cocktail cave Marquee Lounge rocks shiny reptilian booths running the length of each side beneath ornately patterned LED installations, all housed in the formerly dungy Shinder's basement, so you'll be psyched when the doorman confirms that you're on Shinder's list

One part DJ-driven club and one part Johnny Michaels craft cocktail bar, the liquid satisfaction's doled out at a breakneck pace, as most of the drinks are based on pre-mixed, squirt-bottle secret sauces, with specialties including the pineapple rum/ SOHO lychee/ pink guava/ blood orange/ Cava/ vodka We Pop Champagne or the All Systems Go (grape vodka, grape juice, lemon sour, Hi-Ball organic energy drink), and 10 crossovers from Union like the pomegranate gin, orange, vanilla, and rose-laden Persian Pussycat (more like Ayatolla Claw-meini!). And whenever you put this much leather, LED lighting, and DJ equipment in a room, bottle service isn't far behind... but thankfully it's also in the form of beers (think Negra Modelo) and vino like Boomtown cab

All the mystery's enhanced by the fact that this whole thing is accessed by a door in the alley, so don't go searching around for an entrance in Union and get all listless.