Food & Drink

Eggs Benedict and punk rock

Concert venues are generally despicable in their inability to keep you well-fed. Why, at Duran Duran shows, they'd even brag about leaving you hungry like the wolf. Thankfully, cafe 'n rock hall The Belmore/The New Skyway Lounge (its actual name... all of it) is here to change that

A sparse, utilitarian revamp of the former City Billiards space on N 1st, the cafe becomes a rock venue at night for up to 300 (fitting with its spartan look), and scarily/conveniently shares a wall with the MPD's downtown booking station. The breakfast spread includes eggs Benny on a crumpet, coconut/ Key lime French toast made with baguettes, and baby Dutch pancakes, and then there's a more nebulous (mmm, nebulous...) lunch and dinner menu that skews Italian with thin crust 'za like a chorizo, mozzarella, tomato, asiago, Parmesan number, pasta like sausage tagliatelle, and other “simple, good stoner food"

The classic cocktail bar's wondrously devoid of any rail liquor, and they've got bottles n' cans from Hamm's to Left Handed Milk Stout, 10 soon-to-arrive taps that the owners note will never, ever be PBR, and even a bit of Italian vino, so unlike Duran Duran's cruel taunts of "my mouth is alive, with juices like wine", your mouth can be alive with actual wine.