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Lake Minnetonka's first microbrewery

Why purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka when you can debase yourself with the beers of Lake Minnetonka? Specifically, with those from Excelsior Brewing Company, Tonka's first full-production brewery

Just opening for biz, EBC's filled an open, white-washed, alley-side warehouse on Water Street with giant beer tanks ready to get you beer-tanked via take-away growlers of their three-strong lineup

Bridge Jumper IPA: Named after the area kids' fondness of leaping off railroad bridges into boat channels, their debut brew's a caramel-colored "teeth kicker" at 8% ABV

XLCR Pale Ale: Slightly less alcoholic, this light, hazy yellow, citrusy-bitter pale will debut within the week, exhibits outright scorn for vowels, and looks to be their flagship brew due to it being highly "sessionable.

TBN Blonde: The first batch of this yet-to-be-named blonde just started the brew process (hopefully it'll be ready by next week) so they're not exactly sure what's going on in there, much like a confused, soaking wet Apollonia.