From storing cars to tending bars

Scribble "downtown Mpls's only production brewery" right in between Apple and "fights about where to store shovels" on the list of "things started in a garage", because Fulton is now opening in its own full-service space. The converted '50s warehouse is offering growler sales, samples, a tap room (eventually), and informal tours of the operation, which previously rented space in a 'Sconi brewery, and previously previously used a small garage to house its makeshift "nanobrewery", because a "nanoo brewery" would only make Shaz-Bock. Hit this weekend's opening for growlers of:

Sweet Child of Vine: Not a band fronted by Axl Rosé, Fulton's version of an IPA is "balanced, complex, and approachable", deriving its taste from Simcoe and Glacier hops.

Lonely Blonde: This smooth, crisply carbonated brew blends German noble hops and a touch of white wheat with American pale and crystal malts, no doubt purchased at P. Diddy's Dairy Queen.

The Libertine: This limited-availability, 8.5% ABV red ale's "rich indulgent body" derives from workouts at a gym made of gold ingredients like rye and premium malts like Maris Otter and Caramel 60.

And so everyone knows what a sweet time you had at the brewery, the new space has also got a store stocked with Fulton merch -- just one more example of a successful garage sale.