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:D-Spot Wings + Beer = Happiness

Wing Wizard Darin Koch (the :D of :D-Spot) is bar-rescuing the crap out of Glory Days Sports Bar and renaming it Glory :Days (see how that works?). Eventually, the place'll be made over with a more industrial vibe, but for now, it's the recipient of a fully redone, just-soft-launching mad-scientist menu allowing Koch to pair the chicken-parts he so loves with the booze his first spot doesn't have, finally proving his contention that "Wings + Beer = Happiness" (also the profit model developed by executives at Tums)

Glory's got even more wings than Maplewood, with new craziness like Smaug (smoked soy, Japanese buffalo sauce) and Hypocritical Buffalo (Sriracha, horseradish buffalo, fried garlic); plus, they're slinging new, boundary-pushing burgers including Blueberry :Dream (50/50 patty, fried egg, American cheese, and blueberry aioli on a French toast bun), and the mega-hot Typhon The Dragon, whose patty is infused with an array of chilis (including ghost), then topped with spicy slaw, and "fire-breather cheese". Presumably worried that people might describe that stuff as "too old school", Koch's also come up with Steak :Dips like Asian-style BBQ Keshig, and Chokchai with yellow curry, coconut milk, tomato, cilantro, and potato; then there's seven kinds of tots with 12 dipping sauces, and even "Halibut Cheek Tacos", which he first invented for a certain handsome e-newsletter in town

And yeah, the bar's still full, rocking a stable of lawnmower beers including old-menu holdover $1.50 Hamm's, meaning come in with like $7.50, and you'll need a bar rescue of your own.