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Smile-inducing aisles for miles

It turns out that the former agent of Jim McMahon and Deion Sanders really wanted to manage The Fridge, or so can only assume from the enormous number of them inside Liquor Boy, the monstrous booze warehouse he opened near West End. Prices are up to 40% cheaper cheaper because of his insane negotiating skills. But really, because they buy in huge bulk, as evidenced by all the cases stacked atop display racks. Like Deion, selections run deep. 80 single malt Scotches (including Japanesers like Yamazaki and Uban), for example. They purchase entire single barrels for store-label bottling from brands like Jack Daniel's and Evan Williams. And then there's adventurous brands you've prob never heard of, like San Fran vodka Hangar 1. Their vast refrigerated craft beer stock is pretty epic, even though sadly, they don't carry Epic. Big bottles -- like the hard-to-find Libertine -- hang out right around the corner. Each of their 900+ wines has been rigorously vetted & taste-tested by a man who presumably is no longer living. Alert the monkey butlers, because the middle aisle's called "Treasure Island", and is full of serious deals from other people's overstocks and bulk buys, aka a great way to describe any team's acquisition of The Fridge.