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Good beer, Indeed

Just like suddenly busy Betty White, beer cans are inexplicably popular again (coincidentally, Betty White's cans never went anywhere...rawr!). So it's totally en vogue that Nordeast's newest -- Indeed Brewing Company -- is can-only

Brewmastered by a Town Hall Tap alum, Indeed's making the most out of a former brick warehouse, where their shiny-tanked brewing/canning room is fronted by a beautiful business end: a large-ish taproom that's equal parts Wild West saloon (the bar's crafted outta hand-milled oak) and trendy industrial loft. So immediately coin the term "salooft" among your friends, and watch as they scramble to buy you the two flagships

Midnight Ryder: "Resinous and piney" with a citrusy finish, this American Black Ale employs five types of malt to put a "distinctly American twist on the India Pale Ale". It's named after one of the founder's sons, so think about how jealous Gwyneth Paltrow's kid is going to be when she realizes she's just named after a stupid fruit

Day Tripper: This clean, crisply bitter pale mixes regional American malts and Euro malts with stupider hair, and pops out a lighter-bodied beer, bright in color, with a "white head that keeps track of time as you sip", not unlike that minx of a Golden Girl, just watching you...waiting...