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A bier hall with rattlesnake sausage

If you thought the Panera on East Hennepin was the wurst, you clearly didn't see New Bohemia coming, possibly due to being overly focused on whether to get an apple or chips with your half sandwich. The Euro-style beer hall 'n global sausage house has taken over the chain's space, replacing those sweet buzzers with sweet buzzes from over 60 quality beers, and their deceptively unhealthy food with obviously unhealthy food served on clean-lined picnic tables running the length of the place. Get down on

Mind-Blowing Wurst: The sausages are divided into three categories, with "klassikers" like the hickory-smoked pork German Style and "premiums" like Filipino Maharlika (garlicky pork w/ a sweet finish) surpassed only by a handful of "adventurous" creations for just a buck more. Said "abenteuers" include Farm-Raised Pheasant, Alligator Bayou, and Rattlesnake Rabbit Jalapeno, described as "smooth and delicious" and "NOT a gimmick", despite Flavor Flav proving that gimmicks can be smooth and delicious

Mind-Altering Bier: The list of American taps is impressive in and of itself (everything from locals like Indeed Midnight Ryder to national standouts like Great Divide Hercules), but most inspired is their collection of Euro bottles & cans, with the Belgians you're expecting (Chimay, Duvel, etc.) and the Germans you're expecting to murder the pronunciation of (Pinkus Munstersch Alt, Ayinger Bra-Wiesse...). Coolest of all, there're themed, four-pour flights (organized by country and taste, e.g. "hoppy"), so maybe just down a couple of those and ensure you can't see anything coming.