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A beer-brewing Valhalla

Because you'd be more apt to brew your own beer if everything you needed was under one roof and you actually liked beer, as opposed to the more upscale varietals of wine coolers, hit Northern Brewer's brand-new 6000sqft Mpls "flagship" digs, which boast a slick, fully kitchened education area, an expansive gear showroom, and a dedicated grain room they assert will set "a new standard for the homebrew shop experience", so suck it...their previous locations!? Why not:

Buy It: Making those silly silos you could build in Civilization look downright puny, the massive grain room sells both complete beer-ingredient kits (for extract, partial mash, and all-grain suds), and a la carte stocks of grains, malts, and hops. There's also a fully loaded equipment area with everything from all-inclusive starter kits, to more advanced fermenting gear, bottling and kegging rigs, burners, brew kettles, and "wort chillers", aka guys who hang out in the locker room sans sandals.

Learn It: As peeking in the windows at Surly has already taught you that Big Beard + X = Good Beer, let Northern Brewer fill in the missing piece with a special classroom for demos, guest speakers, homebrew-related events, and classes that range from Intro to Homebrewing to more advanced topics like "decoction mashing".

And lest you dub them single-minded brewbarians, NM also peddles everything you need to craft your own sake and wine, though at least for the time being, nothing cooler.