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Uptown spot is off the chain

Just opening in Uptown's new Mozaic building on Lagoon, Bar Louie's the first Minneappolitan iteration of a national chain whose ethos includes a "dedication to always remaining a local bar"... but also, you know, to money

Our version of the "eclectic urban bar" has a sort of haute bachelor pad aesthetic (nightlife photos, sleek leather), but the most important/weird feature by far's a shallow neon-lit wading pool they encourage you to actually walk around in after taking your shoes off, so take that, Bar Louie Buffalo! They're liquid-localizing with suds like Fulton & Badger Hill in addition to beefing up their normal beer offerings with 35 taps to accommodate the Twin Cities brew-demand, a departure from their normally martini-/cocktail-focused menu, though they'll still have goodness like the pepper vodka/ Guinness "Ultimate Bloody Louie", also a genre-combining FX show where they make CK scrap with the UFC guys. Bar bites include truffle butter popcorn, and things get heavier with flatbreads like Italian Beef (w/ giardiniera & spicy alfredo), burgers, and entrees like blackened chicken with andouille, bell pepper, and "voodoo sauce", so be a doll and try it

Best of all, like any good Uptown nightlifery, Louie's got a massive patio (w/ the pool from earlier), which's accessed by two glass garage doors, and is best described as, well, money.