Beer bar upgrades Uptown

Republic Uptown is finally giving that neighborhood the beer bar it's been missing like the cell phone of a guy who just spent too long at a beer bar. The West Bank beer savants have jumped cross-river to retrofit the formerly cave-like Independent digs on the second floor of Calhoun Square into a concept that's more open than their original space, and offers floor-to-ceiling views of the HennLake hustle and bustle

The rectangular oak bar pours from two cask engines and 52 taps: four will be rotating local seasonals (Badger Hill, Excelsior, etc), six will have nitro lines, 21 will be unique to the new space, and there'll be tough-to-find indies like Steel Toe, Indeed, and Harriet. And the food's an excellent excuse to stay there all day and drink beer: brunch with buttermilk pancakes, PM morsels like a 1,000 Hills fried egg burger, and ricotta fritters served with "single source honey", also a magazine for non-married ladies that like hip hop

To keep up with Uptown's refined tastes, though, they've also created a cocktail list that includes a Manhattan with cherry vanilla bitters, and the Left Hand Milk Stout/Stoli Vanilla/Kahlua/cream "Left Handed Caucasian", though after all the beers it's unlikely that you're amble-dextrous, let alone ambi.