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An American tradition gets Asianized, filled with booze

Though Mars Inc's unwillingness to release Cheddar Cheese Teriyaki Pretzel might suggest otherwise, Asian/ American combos can be really excellent, which's why you should get to Wondrous Azian Kitchen and try their newest mash-up: boozy, Eastern-inspired shakes and floats. Part of an almost-entire menu revamp that also includes an arsenal of burgers (think "Azian" topped with exotic goodness like fried egg katsu, garlic chili aioli, and housemade kimchi) and fries (think "Chili Cheese" with garlic aioli, lemongrass, fried egg & oxtail), this $9/ per, 10-strong array of frozen culture clashes includes:Floats: Scratch-sorbet plopped into booze. Check out the "Margarita" with lime sorbet and tequila, or sake-drowned scoops of seasonal fruit sorbet like cantaloupe, ginger plum, and Asian pear, not to be confused with what you see way too much of from Mr. Chow in all The Hangover movies.Shakes: Ironically filled with enough booze to cure that very symptom of withdrawal, the shakes (there's eight of 'em) include "The Green Hornet" with green tea ice cream, honey liqueur, and lychee vodka, the Kai ginger/ lemongrass soju/ banana/ ginger ice cream "Dragon's Milk", and "Monkey See Monkey Do" with chocolate, banana, PB, and bourbon. All of them, by the way, take inspiration from a Filipino ice cream drink called "Halo Halo", which actually doesn't have booze in it, so if someone wants that, you might suggest otherwise.