Food & Drink

Clean cooking with a dark underbelly

There's something intrinsically cool about conjoining two disparate things, as evidenced by the popularity of Jekyll and Hyde, or the proliferation of black and tans. Oh, that's a drink? Whatever, also cool! Revel in an awesomely unholy marriage, at The Bachelor Farmer and Marvel Bar.

Housed in a circa 1881 NoLo warehouse, the Dayton bros' newest is a dichotomous bi-leveler, with a rustic farmhouse (The Bachelor Farmer) upstairs serving local, organic ingredients (some of which are even grown on their innovative rooftop farm), and the dim, dramatically old-school, basement speakeasy-esque Marvel Bar, also somewhere studio execs hit heavily before greenlighting those scripts. The Farmer's menu reflects the region's Nordic roots, with a grilled lamb sausage/ pickled beets/ grain mustard/ lefse bread app, entrees like bread dumplings with chanterelles, snap peas, and leeks, and desserts including Swedish pancakes with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream, which he does every time he books a gig (seriously, he's opening at Gathering of the Juggalos). Mixologist extraordinaire Pip Hanson will be downstairs, slinging classics and new signatures like the rye/ Campari/ Cynar/ Punt e Mes/ Antica "Deuce-Deuce", and Scotch/ Toschi Nocello/ salt "Oakenshield", the closest a drink's come to being named after a Lord of the Rings dwarf since the Gimli-let.

While it's just the two floors now, this fall will see the addition of an upstairs-upstairs ready to accommodate 60 guests, prime real estate for cocktail receptions, corporate events, film screenings, and “other things [they] haven’t thought of yet” -- or are they Hyde-ing something??