Food & Drink

Caffeination and conversation

It's tough to look cool and social after gaining a rep for being super-studious, unless of course you've been wearing nerdy glasses and your hair up in furtherance of Freddie Prinze Jr's career this whole time. Going less library and more lascivious coffee party: Urban Bean Lyndale

The sister shop of the Bryant Ave work haven, UB Lyndale aims to be more "stoop than study hall", giving the formerly patchouli-fied Muddy Waters space a total-gut rehab emphasizing its huge and high ceilings, and boasting hand-stenciled wall designs, a cantilevered, room-spanning floating bench, and a sit-down custom wood coffee bar made to facilitate convos by being built sans outlets, meaning it's also not facilitating awesome discounts on poorly stitched polos. First-class cupping comes via beans from local roaster Dogwood used in the normal array of lattes, espressos, and drips, as well as more exotic concoctions like the espresso/ chocolate "Furley" with honey, unlike the Don Knotts version, who was always just chasing one. Fizzier caffeine comes from a handful of Italian sodas, iced teas, and an iced tea/ lemonade called the "Stefan Alexander" (in honor of local rapper POS)

And should you be in the mood to look at a totally rad, shiny pink chandelier custom-made from actual raccoon skulls, they've got one in the bathroom, where, assuming you haven't yet traded those dorky clothes for a hot prom dress, you'll be eating cafeteria lunch alone.