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Exclusive access to delicious, discounted, small-batch booze

The beautiful brainchild of two former corporate attorneys who bonded over a shared love of artisanal hooch while at Haaahhhvard Law, Caskers plies its invite-only members with hard-to-find craft spirits, introducing them to independent distillers not repped in local liquor stores while encouraging them to "take pride in what they drink", apparently instead of how much. Use the Thrillist-exclusive membership code, and buy up stuff like

Charbay Release S Hop-Flavored Whiskey: Exclusive to Caskers, it's actually distilled from Bear Republic Brewery's award-winning Black Stout beer and aged for ~2yrs in French oak, giving it a flavor profile that, unlike most 2yr-old beer, is "exceptionally complex", with notes of caramel and hops

El Buho Mezcal: Named after a mystical dark owl, El Buho (that's Spanish for "The Buho") is made by a family of 5th-generation mezcal distillers, and's described as "crisp, smooth, and incredibly approachable", much like all women after you drink a bunch of it

Barr Hill Gin: This London-dry-style gin's made using raw organic VT honey collected from colonies cultivated by the distillery's owner, and feels "round and viscous on the palate"... much like all women after you drink a bunch of it

What's more, you'll soon be able to sign up for Caskers Tastings: a monthly subscription to a curated box of three to five sample-size spirits, which will pretty much force you to stop taking pride in how much you drink.