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Did someone say <em>shark</em> bourbon?

Fact: drinking like a fish is for total pussbags now that you can drink like a shark, thanks to Jefferson's brand-new Ocean-Aged Bourbon. Dreamed up by the distillery's founder, JOB's a very limited run of insanely delicious 88-proof bourbon that was barrel-aged for four years... in open air... aboard a 126ft ship used to research great white goddamn sharks.Oddly, the murderous beasts themselves have little to do with the hooch's killer flavor -- twas the barrels' exposure to salty air and the continuous rocking of the ship that make this booze far more complex & mature than counterparts of equal age, and more a contemporary of browns "aged 19 years" (so definitely not Brandon Weeden).Take a few moments to enjoy our pics of the barrels in their natural environment, then check out the exclusive vendor list that we got our hands on -- drink like a shark, and you'll have to say farewell and adieu to those fair Spanish ladies, plus pretty much everyone else you know.