Ruschmeyer's + BK + A Pool = Awesome

Beating the heat is on everyone's mind right now, though just because he's wearing prescription-less nerd glasses doesn't mean LeBron won't pummel you mercilessly while wearing a grin on his old man face. So better instead to hit up the now-open-to-the-public pool at the former Hotel Williamsburg, now known as King & Grove Williamsburg to you.Once greedily hogged by hotel guests, the three-season saltwater pool feels just a bit like an amphitheater what with its stadium-step seating, and a lot like a pool thanks to wooden lounge chairs (both rimming the upper levels of said seating and scattered around the pool), glistening white tables, trellised cabanas garnished with flora, and a small bar near the entrance that you have to limbo under.For those who don't find the buzz of people intoxicating enough, there are plenty of refreshing local brews on hand (Brooklyn Brewery's just blocks away), and, in addition to standard warm-weather 'tails from margs to mimosas, they'll throw pretty much whatever you want into a pitcher, so no need to call ahead to make sure they know how to make Vodka Whatevers.You'll also find a tidy sum of delicious eats that includes housemade breadsticks w/ truffle aioli & prosciutto, soft shell crab paninos, spicy grilled Gulf shrimp flatbreads, and a pork cheek (that's guanciale to you) topped burger made from dry-aged beef, something you yourself may become if you fail to beat the heat.