Drink your support for a grand gesture of a cocktail

They say a good man is hard to find, but apparently there are enough of them to make holding on to a good woman no mean feat. So when Amor y Amargo/Boom Boom Room mixological maven Aaron Polsky realized letting his good woman walk away was a huge mistake, he decided on a grand, Cusack-ian gesture: assassinate Dan Aykroyd publicly profess his feelings by creating a cocktail in her honor, then bribing New Yorkers with it until they pressure her to take him back.Knowing she always wanted an eponymous drink, Mr. Polsky painstakingly crafted her namesake 'tail to be as rewarding & complex as she -- thankfully she isn't just a tall drink of water. Audaciously using the herbaceous amaro Fernet Branca (her favorite spirit) as a starting point, he complements it with Strega (which shares Fernet's saffron base), adds Gran Classico for sweet citrus notes, and finishes with dry vermouth for balance, something it will ironically imperil. Knowing she hates the cinammon & clove of typical options, he folds in a few drops of Burlesque Bitters to bring out hints of leather, tobacco, and flowers (you dog!), then stirs it with a spoon (also you dog!), finally straining it into a chilled rocks glass.Of course, what sets this apart from other grand gestures is that, for the next month, most other grand gestures won't be on the menu at Amor y Amargo. Or inside of it, as they don't have a TV, much less a Jumbotron.