Drink in the five stiffest Drink stories of 2011

PH-D: From the group behind Lavo, Marquee, and Tao, this fresh penthouse club is literally the crown jewel of the Dream Downtown...more

Culture Club: After a 4yr hiatus, this multi-floored, mostly '80s (don't freak out, but one floor is '90s-themed) mega-club has been reborn by a pair of longtime nightlife vets, and, natch, Debbie Gibson...more

The Tippler: Setting up in the long, ornately columned, vaulted space underneath Chelsea Market (originally a Nabisco factory storage room), The Tippler's the brainchild of the dude behind the China Club who brought along mixology heavyweights The Tippling Brothers...more

Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club: Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club has moved into WT's shuttered Seaport spot, and's fleshing out a beach-meets-beer-garden concept via a number of distinct, Voltron-esque components...more

Noorman's Kil: From a conglomerate of Barcade and Gutter alums whose day jobs range from acting to rock musicking, NK's pairing two undeniably awesome but often disparate forces -- whiskey (they've got more than 200 of 'em) and grilled cheese...more